The present study determined the perceptions of pre-service teachers on utilizing productive lesson study as a framework in teaching high school chemistry. Participants of the study were thirty (30) junior pre-service chemistry teachers from a state-funded teacher education institution in Manila, Philippines. Participants were exposed to a training-workshop on lesson study and productive pedagogy prior to getting their perception. Lesson study is a form of collaborative lesson planning while productive pedagogy is a framework for evaluating effectiveness of a teaching strategy based on intellectual quality, connectedness, recognition of difference and supportive classroom environment. Results of the study indicated that although most of the participants agreed to utilize the framework, most of them did not grasp the essential process of productive lesson study. On the other hand, all of them agreed that the framework will help improve the teaching skills of teachers and will therefore result to a greater achievement in chemistry among students. Disadvantages that they foresee in the framework include time element and exclusivity. The productive lesson study process will take much of their time and that formulated research lessons might be exclusive only to a group of students and may not be applicable to all.

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