When a researcher encounters the term ‘learning styles’, its meaning, rather than being explicitly obvious, is dependent on the tradition and therefore the context from which the term has originated. For a new researcher, in particular, it can be a confusing and potentially time consuming process to correctly identify the differences the terminology. Importantly, it has been recognized that different researchers may use the same term, yet may not be referring to the same concept, as is particularly the case with the term ‘learning style’. The confusion generated by the use of similar yet unrelated terminologies from different research traditions poses an ongoing important question: should the term ‘learning style’ be considered as the overall generic term that researchers use to define student learning dimensions? Therefore, the review of terminology in learning style/s related fields could benefit from the acceptance of an overarching terminology, whether it be ‘learning styles’, ‘learning patterns’, or ‘learning dimensions’. Furthermore, and far more importantly, research related to this terminology could benefit from an extended explanation of the links to other research, making clear, the basis of current and future research to other researchers.

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