The purpose of this study was to explore perceptions of undergraduate management students at one Georgia institution of higher education regarding the importance of academic qualifications and professional experiences possessed by their management faculty. The study addressed the importance of these attributes to include relevant practical experience, traditional academic training, scholarly productivity, higher education institutions attended, and level of engagement with the business community. This quantitative study surveyed 70 upper-level management students using Likert categories to provide an exploratory view of attributes that today’s students view as important in faculty. The findings ranked attributes of relevant professional experience more important than academic qualifications such as scholarly research activities across all demographics as related to their importance of gaining a quality management education. This study may provide insight into the attributes that students deem important in faculty in an effort to support student success, as well as inform accreditation mandates, determine faculty ratios of academic versus professional faculty, make hiring decisions, and address compensation issues of academic versus professional faculty. As well, this study and extended research may provide insight into improving outcomes for higher education’s community stakeholders to meet the dynamic demands of business. Additionally, this research could extend to varied types of industry that require professional experiences such as educational leadership and nursing to better prepare students for the workforce.

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