Teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections remain a major health concern and are linked to a number of poor outcomes. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) youth are particularly at risk for these issues. Although evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention (TPP) programs exist, they are not necessarily tailored to meet the needs of LGBTQ youth. This paper reports on the development and implementation of a LGBTQ training for TPP facilitators working for the Augusta Partnership for Children in Augusta, GA. The four-hour workshop covered a range of topics including terminology, identity, intersectionality, and risk/resilience factors through a combination of lecture, video clips, and interactive activities. The training was well-received with most facilitators rating the training as excellent on satisfaction surveys completed one-week after the training. Qualitative comments were also largely positive; areas for improvement included discussion of the legal context around LGBTQ issues and the impact of race on LGBTQ issues. Future work is needed to expand on these findings by examining the impact of such trainings on TPP program implementation and, ultimately, on LGBTQ youth.

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