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Submissions from 2014


Critical Transitions in Faculty Learning: Helping Faculty Become Learning-Centered Teachers, Judith Longfield


Critical Transitions in Faculty Learning: The Teaching Academy Story, Judith Longfield


Negotiating a Teaching Philosophy, Judith Longfield


Moving Faculty towards Learning-Centered Teaching, Judith Longfield, Hsiu-Lien Lu, Diana Sturges, Ellen Hamilton, Kevin Psonak, and Melissa Gayan

Submissions from 2011


Study Guides: To Give or Not to Give? That is the Question!, Velina Boteva, Emmanuel Clottey, Lauren Bigham, Aaron Dilday, Kimberly Lawrence, Judith Longfield, and Ram Polur


Beyond Teaching Portfolios: Using a Course Portfolio as a Form of Scholarship to Improve Students' Learning, Judith Longfield


Study Guides: To Give or Not To Give? That is the Question, Judith Longfield, Lauren Bigham, Velina Boteva, Emmanuel Clottey, Aaron Dilday, Kimberly Lawrence, and Ram Polur


Discrepant Teaching Events: Addressing Students' Misconceptions, Judith Longfield and Nathan S. Palmer

Submissions from 2010

Inquiry into Learning, Delena Gatch, Lorraine S. Gilpin, Judith Longfield, and Diana Sturges

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Inquiring into Learning and Learning Communities, Judith Longfield, Lorraine S. Gilpin, and Diana Sturges