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Submissions from 2003

Four Must Reads, Laura E. Valeri

Submissions from 2002

E. Fernie, Shame in Shakespeare, Christopher P. Baker

J. F. Andrews, ed. Shakespeare’s World and Work: An Encyclopedia for Students, Christopher P. Baker

Othello. 2.3.13, Christopher P. Baker


Clement VIII, Kathleen M. Comerford


El mundo de la selva en Un viejo que leía novelas de amor, William O. Deaver


Lo religioso en un cuento de Clarín, William O. Deaver

Reading Simulacra: The Specter of Consumerism Is Haunting Us, William O. Deaver

Apologizing for Authority: The Prefaces of Hannah More, Eliza Cook, and Isabelle Bird, Helen E. Howells

Ben Jonson, Carol Parrish Jamison

Richard Crashaw, Carol Parrish Jamison

Thomas Campion, Carol Parrish Jamison

William Camden, Carol Parrish Jamison


Review of Play by Play by Ronald A. Smith, Reed W. Smith

Submissions from 1999

A.G. West, A Dictionary of Shakespeare's Semantic Wordplay, Christopher P. Baker

C. Prebish, ed. Critical Review of Books in Religion, Christopher P. Baker

F. Coye, Pronouncing Shakespeare's Words: A Guide from A to Zounds, Christopher P. Baker


J. Biester, Lyric Wonder; Rhetoric and Wit in Renaissance English Poetry, Christopher P. Baker

J. McQuain and S. Malless, Coined by Shakespeare: Words and Meanings first used By the by the Bard, Christopher P. Baker


P. Cheney, Marlowe's Counterfeit Profession: Ovid. Spenser. Counter-Nationhood, Christopher P. Baker

P. Medina and J. Wittreich, eds. Soundings of Things Done: Essays in Early Modern Literature in Honor of S. K. Heninger, Christopher P. Baker

R. Green, A Crisis of Truth: Literature and Law in Ricardian England, Christopher P. Baker

S. Lynch, Shakespearean Intertextuality: studies in selected sources and plays, Christopher P. Baker

V. Comensoli and P. Stevens, Discontinuities: new essays on Renaissance literature and criticism, Christopher P. Baker


Cipolla, Carlo M., Kathleen M. Comerford


Delumeau, Jean, Kathleen M. Comerford


Gurevich, Aaron, Kathleen M. Comerford


Historical Writing: Renaissance, Kathleen M. Comerford


Italy (Renaissance), Kathleen M. Comerford


Italy (Since the Renaissance), Kathleen M. Comerford


What Did Early Modern Priests Read? The Library of the Seminary of Fiesole, 1646-1715, Kathleen M. Comerford


Intimate Dwellings: Meditations on Shelter and Sheltered Meditations in Roberto G. Fernández's 'Coquina House', William O. Deaver


La aceleración, la inercia polar y lo escatológico en 'La máquina de hacer ¡pu! ¡pu! ¡puuu!' por Julio Garmendia, William O. Deaver


La vida es un special o la vorágine del consumo, William O. Deaver


The Last Supper: Art as Propaganda, William O. Deaver

Review of Encyclopedia of Television News by Michael Murray, Reed W. Smith


Review of Public Access Television: America’s Electronic Soapbox by Laura Linder, Reed W. Smith

Submissions from 1993

Communicating in Public: Key Concepts and Application Activities, Chris B. Geyerman and Beverly L. Graham

Submissions from 1991


Arnold's 'To a Friend' and Sidney's 'Astrophil and Stella, Christopher P. Baker