Conceptualizing a Model of Status Consumption Theory: An Exploration of the Antecedents and Consequences of the Motivation to Consume for Status

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Spring 2015

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Marketing Management Journal


This paper examines the various motivations for consuming status products and proposes a conceptual model of status consumption that incorporates these differing motivations. Specifically, we propose that motivations for status consumption can be external (social) and/or internal (personal). Internal motivations focus on expressing inner values and tastes rather than group concerns, and include hedonism, perfectionism (a desire for quality), and self-reward and may result in more private and/or subtle consumption of status products. External motivations to consumer for status focus on the social effects of owning luxury products and include conspicuous consumption (the Veblen effect), exclusivity (the Snob effect), and social identity (the Bandwagon effect) and may result in more public and/or conspicuous consumption of status products. The managerial and research implications of the model are also explored.