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Submissions from 2008


Maximizing Correlation in the Presence of Missing Data, Xinfang Wang

Submissions from 2003

The Evolution of Supply Chain Management Competencies: Empirical Support for a Unifying Framework, Mark D. Hanna, W. Rocky Newman, and Thomas E. Gattiker


Financial Markets and Retail Construction Cycles, Steven E. Moss, Darrell Parker, and Steven Laposa


An Empirical Test of Butler's Resort Product Life Cycle: Forecasting Casino Winnings, Steven E. Moss, Chuck Ryan, and Charles B. Wagoner

Submissions from 2001


Perceived Relevance and Quality of POM Journals: A Decade Later, Samir Barman, Mark D. Hanna, and R. Lawrence Laforge

Senior Housing Supply Trends and Analysis: Evidence of Non-Random Behavior, Steven E. Moss and Steven Laposa

Submissions from 1999


Simultaneous vs. Sequential Scheduling of Multiple Resources which Constrain System Throughout, Jacob V. Simons, M. D. Stephens, and Wendell P. Simpson III


Process Design in a Down-Sizing Service Operation, Jacob V. Simons, Christopher Wicker, Michael Garrity, and Mark E. Kraus

Submissions from 1997


An Exposition of Multiple Constraint Scheduling as Implemented in the GOAL SYSTEM (Formally DISASTER), Jacob V. Simons and Wendell P. Simpson III


Response to Commentaries, Jacob V. Simons and Wendell P. Simpson III