Meral Anitsal,Tennessee Tech University
M. Meral Anitsal (Ph.D., The University of Tennessee-Knoxville) is a Professor of Marketing at the Tennessee Tech University. Her Research interests include services marketing, consumer behavior, entrepreneurship, and online education.

Tulay Girard, The Pennsylvania State University-Altoona
Tulay Girard (Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University) is a Professor of Marketing at Penn State Altoona. Her research focuses on product classes, retailer attributes, logo design and testing, perceived risk, brand equity in banking, higher education, and private-label branding.

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Ismet Anitsal, Missouri State University
Retailing, Entrepreneurship
Ismet Anitsal (Ph.D., The University of Tennessee-Knoxville) is the Department Head, Professor of Marketing, and Dean’s Leadership Professor in Business at Missouri State University. His research interests emphasize retailing, entrepreneurship, customer productivity, and customer value.

Laura K. Boman, Mercer University
Sports Marketing
Laura Boman (Ph.D., University of Central Florida) is an assistant professor of marketing at Mercer University. Her research focuses primarily on how visual cues influence behaviors and evaluations. Specifically, she has studied how visual cues such as brand logos influence purchase intentions, and how a reduction of visual cues influences food product evaluation.

Julia Blose, College of Charleston
Marketing Research, Marketing Analytics, Consumer Behavior
Julia Blose (Ph.D., Florida State University) is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the College of Charleston. Her research interests include research methods, services marketing, and consumer behavior.

Sooyeon Choi, Loras College
Consumer Behavior, Marketing Analytics, International Business
Sooyeon Choi (Ph.D., Purdue University) is an assistant professor in marketing at Loras College. Her research interest focuses on the intersection between psychometric scale development, sustainable consumer behavior, marketing technology, and business to business marketing.

Lawrence F. Cunningham, University of Colorado Denver
Services Marketing, International Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
Lawrence F. Cunningham (DBA in Marketing and Transportation/Logistics, University of Tennessee) is a Professor of Marketing at the University of Colorado Denver. His research interests are in the areas of services marketing, international marketing, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Vassilis Dalakas, Cal State University San Marcos
Consumer Behavior & Sports Marketing
Vassilis Dalakas (Ph.D., University of Oregon) is a Professor of Marketing at Cal State University-San Marcos. His main areas of expertise are consumer behavior and sports marketing.

Jeffrey Hendrix, John Brown University
Marketing Practitioner Research
Jeffrey Hendrix (DBA, Capella University) serves as the Vice President for Grupo Bimbo Bakeries, the largest commercial bakery globally, leading the sales and marketing functions with Walmart and Walmart.com. Research areas focus on Big-Data applications for consumer targeting in digital activation, social media, metaverse, and digital currency (blockchain).

Sumeet Jhamb, University of Alaska Anchorage
Digital Entrepreneurship, International Business, Strategic Management, Gender Studies, and Applied Social Psychology
Sumeet Jhamb (Ph.D., The Southern Illinois University at Carbondale) is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration (Strategic Management) in the College of Business and Public Policy at the University of Alaska Anchorage. His research areas focus on international business ethics, consumer behavior, strategic management, applied social psychology, gender and entrepreneurship studies, and global competitiveness.

William Jones, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Branding & Marketing Education
William J. Jones (Ph.D. University of Kentucky) is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Anisfield School of Business at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Billy conducts research at the intersection of consumer behavior/sales and cognitive neuroscience.

Ismail Karabas, Murray State University
Retailing & Services Marketing
Ismail Karabas (Ph.D., Washington State University) is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Murray State University. Ismail is an experimental researcher focusing on services marketing, advertising, hospitality, tipping, and online word of mouth.

Stephen A. LeMay
Business to Business Marketing & Supply Chain
Stephen A. LeMay (DBA, University of Tennessee, Knoxville) is Associate Professor of Marketing and Logistics at the University of West Florida, and Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Logistics at Mississippi State University. His research areas include supply chain, transportation, and logistics.

Lindsay R. Levine, Georgia Southern University
Consumer Psychology and Behavior
Lindsay R. Levine (Ph.D., Yale University & post- doctoral, University of Florida) is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Georgia Southern University. Her main research interests are in the areas of customer welfare and decision-making.

Manisha Mathur, Augusta University
Social Media/Digital/Direct Marketing
Manisha Mathur (Ph.D., University of Mississippi) is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Augusta University. Her research interests include social media marketing, digital marketing, strategic brand management, marketing strategy, promotion management, marketing analytics, and marketing ethics.

Mike McCall, Michigan State University
Services Marketing
Michael McCall (Ph.D., Arizona State University) is currently the Hilton Hotels Fellow in Hospitality Business Management at Michigan State University and has held academic appointments at Cornell University and Ithaca College. His current research interests are in customer loyalty programs and consumer fairness.

Musa Pinar, Valparaiso University
Branding & Brand Management
Musa Pinar (Ph.D., Mississippi State University) is a Professor of Marketing and Paul H. Brandt Professor of Business at Valparaiso University. His research interests include service quality, brand orientation, gender effect in sales field and tourism, gender-food stereotypes, brand ecosystem, and measuring brand equity in banking, higher education, sports league, and political party.

Mike Musante, Springfield College
Branding & Brand Management
Mike Musante (Ph.D., University of Massachusetts) is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Springfield College. His research focus includes Brand Management and Services Marketing.

Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong, The University of Southern Mississippi
Retailing & Technology (VR and AR)
Gallayanee Yaoyuneyong (Ph.D., Florida State University) is a Professor in the School of Marketing at the University of Southern Mississippi. Her research focuses on Young Consumer Marketing, Online Retailing, Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing, and Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing.