The Journal of Applied Marketing Theory (JAMT) is an open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed, no-fee journal that publishes articles focusing on the application of academic research for marketing practitioners and academics. The journal welcomes manuscripts from all aspects of marketing areas such as marketing strategy and management, branding and brand management, product development, supply chain and distribution, retailing and services marketing, consumer behavior and consumer data, marketing communications, marketing education and pedagogical approaches, sports and entertainment marketing, social media, digital and direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations, advertising, and personal selling, global and cross-cultural marketing, entrepreneurship and small business, B2B and non-profit marketing, corporate social responsibility and marketing ethics, marketing research, and pricing. Interdisciplinary articles are also encouraged. These may include topics related to integrating marketing functions with other functional areas. Marketing practitioners are also encouraged to submit papers that demonstrate the application of marketing theory to solve business problems. Authors of the Best Paper Awards at AMTP are given special consideration when submitting their work for publication in this journal.

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Applied Marketing Theory (JAMT) aims to publish articles mainly focused on the practical application of academic research to marketing and business issues. The journal seeks submissions that expand our understanding of marketing issues while also providing value to marketing practitioners and academics. Manuscripts submitted for consideration for publications should have summaries that present clear transitions from research conclusions to implementation approaches for marketing professionals.

Empirical, theoretical, conceptual, and practitioner-oriented papers are welcomed. All articles being considered for publication are subject to a double-blind peer review process to ensure their relevance and quality.

For journal policies and submission guidelines, see the Policies page. Please contact the Editor(s) in Chief with any questions or concerns pertaining to JAMT.