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Submissions from 1999

The Information Systems Industry: Another Look at the Southeastern U.S., Camille F. Rogers, Thomas L. Case, and B. Price

Submissions from 1996

The Introductory CIS Course of GSU: Are We Still In The 3rd Generation?, Camille F. Rogers

Submissions from 1995


Medical and Health Care Needs of Families Providing In-Home Care for Relatives with Developmental Disabilities, Mit Arnold, Dorothee Serpas, Thomas Louis Case, Max Burns, June DiPolito, and Earle Cummings

Submissions from 1994

Lateral Relationships of Public Accountants: Could They be the Key to Advancement?, J. Lowell Mooney, J. M. McDonald, J. Bernard Keys, and Thomas L. Case

Submissions from 1993

Supporting Providers of In-Home Care: The Needs of Families with Relatives Who are Disabled, Mit Arnold and Thomas L. Case