The publications archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the Department of Communication Arts.

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Submissions from 2021

Sustainability and the Costume Shop: ‘Every Piece of Cloth is an Opportunity, Sarah E. McCarroll

Submissions from 2020


“Back in the Narrative”: Creating the Citizen Body in Hamilton, Sarah E. McCarroll


Social Media Use in Emergency Response to Natural Disasters: A Systematic Review With a Public Health Perspective, Kamalich Muniz-Rodriguez, Sylvia K. Ofori, Lauren C. Bayliss, Jessica S. Schwind, Kadiatou Diallo, Manyun Liu, Jingjing Yin, Gerardo Chowell, and Isaac Fung

Q & A, Reed Smith

Submissions from 2019

Stories We Tell in Broadcast News, Mary Beadle, Jessica Ghilani, Michael Murray, and Reed Smith


Introduction, Sarah E. McCarroll

Submissions from 2011


Prisoners of War (POWS), Elizabeth F. Desnoyers-Colas


Rhonda Cornum, Elizabeth F. Desnoyers-Colas

Review of Media, NASA, and America’s Quest for the Moon by Harlen Makemson, Reed W. Smith


The Oral History Project: An Interview with Betty Winfield, Reed W. Smith

Submissions from 2005


Southern Journalists and Lynching: The Statesboro Case Study, Reed W. Smith

Submissions from 2004


Persistent Dependence in Foreign Exchange Rates? A Reexamination, John Barkoulas, C. F. Baum, M. Caglayan, and Atreya Chakraborty

Submissions from 2003

Managing the Public Relations Internship: Linking the Classroom to the Workplace, Pamela G. Bourland-Davis, Beverly L. Graham, and R. J. Petrausch

Submissions from 2002


Review of Play by Play by Ronald A. Smith, Reed W. Smith

Submissions from 2001

Perspectives on intern goals, Beverly L. Graham and P. G. Bourland-Davis


The Case of WGST Radio, Georgia Politics, and the FCC, Reed W. Smith

Submissions from 1997


Defining a public relations internship through feedback from the field, Pamela Bourland-Davis, Beverly L. Graham, and Hal W. Fulmer

Using the internship as a tool for assessment: A case study, Beverly L. Graham, Pamela Bourland-Davis, and Hal W. Fulmer

Submissions from 1993

Using small groups to critique speeches, Beverly L. Graham