The publications archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the Waters College of Heath Professions.


Submissions from 2011


Are Saline Irrigations Effective in Relieving Chronic Rhinosinusitis Symptoms? A Review of the Evidence, Kathy Thornton, Marion Alston, Herbert Dye III, and Suzannah Williamson


Topical vs. Systemic Treatments For Acute Otitis Media, Kathy Thornton, Francie Parrish, and Christine Swords


Comparison of Two Different Resistance Training Intensities on Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption in African American Women Who Are Overweight, Kathy Thornton, Stephen J. Rossi, and Jim McMillan

Submissions from 2010


Spirituality as a Coping Resource for Parents with a Child with Chronic Illness, Deborah Allen and Elaine S. Marshall


A Qualitative Study of Stressors, Stress Symptoms, and Coping Mechanisms Among College Students Using Nominal Group Process, Helen W. Bland, Bridget F. Melton, and Stephen Patrick Gonzalez

An Examination of Care Provided to Hospitalized Type 2 Diabetic Patients in a Rural Healthcare Setting, Maggie Davis, Deborah Allen, and R. Scott


Hospitalized Diabetes Care for People with Type 2 Diabetes in Rural Georgia, Maggie Davis, Deborah Allen, and R. Scott

Mental Health: Pharmacology and Parenteral Therapies, Melissa K. Garno


Mental Health: Substance Abuse, Melissa K. Garno

Transforming Nursing through Dialogical Relationships: A Pedagogy of Connectedness, Melissa K. Garno


A Faculty Learning Community on the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning: A Case Study, Trent Maurer, Diana Sturges, Padmini Shankar, Deborah Allen, and Saida Akbarova

Relationship Between Middle School Students’ Body Mass Index and Attitudes Towards Physical Education, Starla McCollum, Tony A. Pritchard, Gavin Colquitt, and K. Grant


Addressing the Childhood Obesity Epidemic in Southeastern Georgia through a Community Coalition - An Applied Approach, Bridget F. Melton, Daniel R. Czech, Amy Jo Riggs, Starla McCollum, Marlo Rouse-Arnett, A. Barry Joyner, Elaine S. Marshall, and M. Czech


Addressing the childhood obesity epidemic in Southeastern Georgia through a community coalition-An applied approach, Bridget F. Melton, Daniel R. Czech, Amy Jo Riggs, Starla McCollum, M. Rouse, Barry A. Joyner, E. Marshall, and Mike L. Czech


Trends in Physical Activity Interest in the College and University Setting, Bridget F. Melton, Andrew R. Hansen, and Jonathon Gross


A Qualitative Study of Women in Polygynous Marriages, Marian M. Tabi, C. Doster, and T. Cheney

Project Success: Workforce Diversity Grant, Helen M. Taggart and M. O'Mallon

Submissions from 2009


Homeless Clients, Melissa K. Garno


Personality Disorders, Melissa K. Garno


Substance Abuse, Melissa K. Garno


Incorporating Weight Management Curriculum into Physical Activity Courses, K. Hice, Bridget F. Melton, Helen W. Bland, Stephen J. Rossi, and Daniel R. Czech


Abstract for "A clinical practice guideline for treatment of septic arthritis in children", Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 2007

Your Fitness, Daniel R. Czech, James L. McMillan, Bridget F. Melton, A. V. Parrillo, Amy J. Riggs, and Stephen J. Rossi

Determinents of Lifestyle Physical Activity in Older Rural Adults: Testing of Four Questionnaires, Rose M. Gee and Sandra Dunbar

Lifestyle physical activity in hypertensive rural elders: Association with self-efficacy related constructs, Rose M. Gee, Sandra B. Dunbar, C.K. DiIorio, P.C. Clark, Laura P. Kimble, and M.E. Sweeney


Changes in Energy Expenditure with Ingestion of High Protein, High Fat versus High Protein, Low Fat Meals among Underweight, Normal Weight, and Overweight Females., Amy Jo Riggs, Sareen S. Gropper, and Barry D. White

Protein Snippet, Diana Sturges


Infant Mortality Trends Among Georgia Residents, 1995-2003: Targeting Healthy People’s 2010 Goals, Diana Sturges, Laura Gunn, Padmini Shankar, and Shrikrishna Shroff


Enhancing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning at Georgia Southern University: the Impact of the Faculty Learning Community Program on Participating Faculty, Diana Sturges, Susan Trimble, and Raleigh Way

Submissions from 2006

Infant Mortality Rate: Lessons for Moldova, Diana Sturges


Traditional and Modern Medicine in Ghana, Marian Tabi, M. Powell, and M. Hodnicki

Submissions from 2004

Approaches for patient education, S. Dunbar, Rose M. Gee, and P. Clark

Nursing Recruitment: Exploring Populations, Helen M. Taggart

Caring for the Orthopaedic Patient Who Is Obese, Helen M. Taggart, A. B. Mincer, and A. Thompson

Submissions from 2000

Creating an Effective Poster Presentation, Helen M. Taggart

Taking the Mystery Out of Research: Statistical Packages, Helen M. Taggart

Case Management Model for a Community Based Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, Helen M. Taggart, M. Park, J. Banner, and M. Hart

Submissions from 1999

Caring for the Elderly Hip Fracture Patient, Helen M. Taggart


Using Research in Practice: Research Abstracts, Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 1998

Orthopaedic Cursing Research Priorities: A Replication and Extension, C. Sedlak, D. Ross, C. Arslanian, and Helen M. Taggart

Multiple Sclerosis Update, Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 1997

Taking the Mystery out of Research: Reliability, Helen M. Taggart

Submissions from 1996

Taking the Mystery Out of Research: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Helen M. Taggart