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The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the College of Behavioral and Social Science.


Submissions from 2002

Iraq: Something to Talk About, Barry J. Balleck

September 11, 2001: A One-Year Retrospective, Barry J. Balleck

Simulations in the Classroom: Helping Students Understand Issues and Problems, Barry J. Balleck

Using Classroom Simulations in Political Science, Barry J. Balleck

Campaign Consultants and Technological Change, Heather A. Cutchens and Karen M. McCurdy

Law Enforcement or Human Rights Enforcement: The European Context for Police Reform in Northern Ireland, Steven Engel

Patriotism and the Aftermath of September 11: A Rousseauian Analysis, Steven Engel

Creating an anti-bias SAC Program Environment, Alice Hall

Learning the 3 E’s of School-Age Programs, Alice Hall

Learning the 3 E’s of School-Age Programs, Alice Hall

Learn the three E’s of SAC programming, Alice Hall

Planning/conducting Staff Training & Orientations, Alice Hall

Planning Implementing Developmentally Activities in School Age Programs, Alice Hall

The Role of a Coach in Children’s Development, Alice Hall

The Role of a Coach in Children’s Development, Alice Hall

Piaget and the Preschooler, Jerri J. Kropp

Developmentally appropriate practices and observations at the Family Life Center, Jerri J. Kropp, T. Lee, E. Staples, M. Tomlinson, and B. Waters

Developmentally Appropriate Practices, Jerri J. Kropp and J. Phillips

Title IX and Women’s Sports, Nancy L. Malcom

Using the One Minute Paper, Nancy L. Malcom

Say Yes to Distance Learning Technology for Your Classroom: Tips for Smooth Transmission, Karen M. McCurdy

Water Policy in Southeast Georgia, Issues for Educators, Karen M. McCurdy

Man’s Inhumanity to Man: The Case of Political Terrorism, Dennis D. Murphy

The Facts on Developmentally Appropriate Practice, J. Phillips and Jerri J. Kropp

Greek Tragedy, Social Democracy, and German Reunification in Christa Wolf's Thought, Robert Pirro

Needs Assessment Survey for Childcare for a University’s Staff, Faculty, and Students, J. E. Randall, M. F. Smith, and Jerri J. Kropp

African Americans and the Law, Ned Rinalducci

Amero-Centricity and the Media: An Obstacle to Understanding Terrorism and World Events, Ned Rinalducci

International Social Movement Activity 1950-1995, Ned Rinalducci

Prague, Puebla, and Beyond: How To Present Issues of Equality and Diversity While Keeping Students Out of Foreign Jails, Ned Rinalducci

Teaching about Terrorism with Sociology and Teaching Sociology with Terrorism, Ned Rinalducci

Understanding Islam, Ned Rinalducci

Understanding the Middle East and the War on Terror, Ned Rinalducci

Varieties of Islam and Muslim Practices, Ned Rinalducci


Intentional Communities 1990-2000: A Portrait, William L. Smith

Submissions from 2001

Crisis in America, Barry J. Balleck

The Benefits of Youth Participation in the Model United Nations, Barry J. Balleck

The Implications of the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001, Barry J. Balleck

Notions of Heritage and Cultural Tourism – Who Decides What Counts, James D. Bigley

Survivor: What Can Reality-Based TV Teach Us About Human Nature and the Origin of Society?, Steven Engel

Toward the Development of a Culture of Human Rights in the Police Service of Northern Ireland, Steven Engel

Supervision and Safety in School-Age Programs, Alice Hall

Supervision and Safety in School-Age Programs, Alice Hall

The Role of a Coach in Children’s Development, Alice Hall

The “Why” and “How” of Improving Human Relationships in SAC, Alice Hall

Why? And how? Of Improving Human Relationships, Alice Hall

And Whose Voices Shall be Heard? Negotiating Community History in the Rural South, Barbara A. Hendry and Patricia Pace

The Carrot and the Stick Continued: Did Business PACs Financially Punish Republicans on the China Vote?, David J. Jackson and Steven Engel

Appropriate Assessment of Preschoolers, Jerri J. Kropp

Appropriate Assessment of Preschoolers, Jerri J. Kropp and Janna C. Taulbee

From Theory to Practice: Preparing Undergraduates to Work in Diverse Settings With Children and Families, Jerri J. Kropp, Janna C. Taulbee, and Alice Hall

Understanding Temperament: An Assessment Skill for Child Life Professionals, Jerri J. Kropp, B. White, and C. Stake

A History of Feminism, Nancy L. Malcom

Coming to Terms with Female Athleticism, Nancy L. Malcom

Organized Cheering and the ‘Feminization’ of Youth Sports, Nancy L. Malcom

‘Shaking it Off’ and ‘Toughing it Out’: Socialization to Pain and Injury in Girls’ Softball, Nancy L. Malcom

The Political Relevance of Tragedy: An Ordinary Language Analysis, Robert Pirro

A University Conversation on this Weeks National Tragedy, Ned Rinalducci

Middle East Forum, Ned Rinalducci

Old Times There Are Not Forgotten: How College Students in Georgia View the Confederate Battle Flag, Ned Rinalducci

The Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) and the Construction of Kurdish National Identity, Ned Rinalducci

The Legitimation of Religious Politics: A Comparative Analysis of Religious Based Political Movements and their Creation of Cultural Authenticity and Communal Identity, Ned Rinalducci

Understanding the Events of September 11, Ned Rinalducci


Insights into the Life and Times of Irish Priests in the United States, William L. Smith

Submissions from 2000

Roundtable on U.S. Foreign Policy at the Dawn of the New Millennium: A Regional Assessment, Barry J. Balleck

Toward the New Millennium: An Overview of U.S. Foreign Policy, Barry J. Balleck

Assessment of State Park Tourism Amenities and Niche Marketing Strategies, James D. Bigley

Perspectives on Heritage Tourism, Resorts, and Commercial Recreation, James D. Bigley

The Development of Niche Marketing Strategies for Georgia State Parks, James D. Bigley


My, How Our Garden Doth Grow! Preliminary Evaluation Results on Savannah, Georgia’s Weed and Seed, Michael E. Donahue and Don A. Josi

Cultivating the Humanistic Study of Criminal Justice, Steven Engel

Rousseau and Imagined Communities, Steven Engel

As Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Quality Enhancement Initiative to Improve the Quality of School-age Child Care in North Carolina, Alice Hall

Creating an anti-bias SAC Program Environment, Alice Hall

Finding Quality Child Care: Consumer’s Best Buy Child Care Tips for the Most Important Person in Your Life, Alice Hall

The European Union and Regional and Ethnic Identities in the Riojan Wine Zone of Northern Spain, Barbara A. Hendry

The European Union and Regional Conflicts in the Riojan Wine Zone of Northern Spain, Barbara A. Hendry

Where is the Field? Anthropology and the European Union: Problematics and Possibilities, Barbara A. Hendry and Carrie Douglas

Assessing Children’s Temperament, Jerri J. Kropp

From Theory to Application: the Role of Undergraduates in the Campus Lab School, Jerri J. Kropp

Barriers to Developmentally Appropriate Discipline: Challenging Folk Wisdom, Jerri J. Kropp and S. Adams

The Fog of Wartime Relocation: What Everybody Already Knows About the Relocation of Japanese Americans During World War II, some of Which is Even Correct, Todd T. Kunioka and Karen M. McCurdy

Are They Apologizing? Adolescent Female Athletes and the Apologetic Defense, Nancy L. Malcom

Are They Apologizing? Adolescent Female Athletes and the Apologetic Defense, Nancy L. Malcom

Motive as Part of Mens Rea: The Peculiar Case of Hate Crimes, Dennis D. Murphy


Ruing the Rule of Law: Rogue Public Officials Get Their Due, Dennis D. Murphy