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The presentations archived in this Digital Commons@Georgia Southern collection are produced by the faculty of the College of Behavioral and Social Science.


Submissions from 2007

Fostering interdisciplinary connections for SoTL, Trent W. Maurer

Let’s talk: Problem-based conferencing with parents, Trent W. Maurer


Fostering Interdisciplinary Connections for SoTL, Trent W. Maurer, Melissa Lickteig, Starla McCollum, and Caren Town

SoTL roundtable on the scholarship of teaching & learning, Trent W. Maurer, Starla McCollum, Melissa Lickteig, and Cara Town

Social norms and collegiate alcohol use, Trent W. Maurer and D. W. Robinson

Perceptions of incapacitated heterosexual sexual assault: Influences of relationship status, assailant intoxication, and post-assault sleeping arrangements, Trent W. Maurer and Marlo Rouse-Arnett

Are Changes in Coal Policy on the Horizon? An Examination of Committee Changes in the 110th Congress, Karen M. McCurdy

Congressional Time, Elections, Geologic Time and Public Policy Making in Non-Renewable Resources, Karen M. McCurdy

Influence in the Policy Making Process: the Rise of Economics at the Expense of Geology, Karen M. McCurdy

Television and Movies, the Role of Audio-Visual Media Communicating Music to the Masses, Karen M. McCurdy and Julia Schmidt-Pirro


Mormons and the State: LDS Politics and Identity, Michael Nielsen and Barry J. Balleck

Georgia’s Wartime Decade of the 1940s and the Writing of This Georgia Rising, Patrick J. Novotny

Creating the Living Law and Maintaining the Constitutional Shield: Decision Making by the Modern Supreme Court, Richard L. Pacelle Jr., Bryan Marshall, and Brett W. Curry

Of Opportunities and Constraints: Decision Making on the Supreme Court, Richard L. Pacelle Jr., Bryan Marshall, and Brett W. Curry

Tragic Theater Into Cinema: Italian Neorealism in the Light of Greek Tragedy, Robert Pirro

Collaborating with College Students, G. Powell, C. Johnson, and Brent Wolfe

American Politics in Perspective, Ned Rinalducci

Global Terrorism: An American Perspective, Ned Rinalducci

Global Terrorism and the U.S. led War Against Terror, Ned Rinalducci

Terrorism and Narco-Terrorism: Trends and Perspectives, Ned Rinalducci

Terrorism and The American War on Terror, Ned Rinalducci

The Intersection of Ethnic, Racial, Religious and Political Identity in Trinidad, Ned Rinalducci

Is Race Relevant? Descriptive Representation and Support for the Courts, Nancy S. Scherer and Brett W. Curry


Southerner and Irish? Regional and Ethnic Consciousness in Savannah, Georgia, William L. Smith


Teaching the Capstone Course, William L. Smith

Promoting Success, Service, and Scholarship: View of a Scholarship Program Driven by FYE Initiatives, L. Sparkman, A. E. Wade, and Brent Wolfe

Caution, Therapists at Work: Connecting Outcomes to Elements, Brent Wolfe

Help! I Need Ideas: Surfing the Electronic Highway for Creative Inclusive Activities, Brent Wolfe

How to Process, Brent Wolfe

Therapeutic Use of a Low Element Ropes Course, Brent Wolfe

What Is Therapeutic Recreation?, Brent Wolfe

Developing Facilitation Skills in Future TR Practitioners, Brent Wolfe and F. P. Green

Perceived Impact of a Wilderness Orientation Program for First Year University Students, Brent Wolfe and G. T. Kay

So What? What Does All This Inclusion Stuff Mean Now?, Brent Wolfe and G. T. Kay

Animal Assisted Therapy and Inclusion: A Unique Approach, Brent Wolfe and A. Kerkhoff

The Eagle Adventure (TEA): A Unique Approach to First-Year Adjustment and Retention, Brent Wolfe, K. Motter, and W. Fitts

Submissions from 2006

Ethnographic Investigations at Cades Cove, Heidi M. Altman

Long­ Range Planning and Language Revitalization in the Eastern Cherokee Communities, Heidi M. Altman

Native American Languages: A Locus for Cultural, Economic and Spiritual Revitalization, Heidi M. Altman

Native Peoples of the Southeast, Heidi M. Altman

Projections of Language Health, Heidi M. Altman

Linguistic Divergence in Cherokee, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt


The Soul Wound of Multigenerational Trauma: Addressing Health and Social Issues Among the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Heidi M. Altman and Lisa Lefler

International Terrorism, Barry J. Balleck

International Terrorism, Barry J. Balleck

Miscellaneous International Issues in Domestic Perspective, Barry J. Balleck

Review of the War on Terror, Barry J. Balleck


Teaching for the Future: Experiential Learning and the Use of New Strategies and Techniques Available to the International Studies Classroom, Barry J. Balleck

The Carentan Silver Star Award Ceremonies – Initial Findings, James D. Bigley


Career Stages, Resources for Control, and Company Commitment, Ted Brimeyer and Robert Perucci

The Need for Sexual Education in High School and College Athletics: A Proposed Program, Daniel Czech, Joanne Chopak-Foss, and Nancy L. Malcom

An Unusual Choice: Michelle Bachelet, President, in Conservative South America, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

CAFTA: An Early Assessment of its Political, Economic, and Social Impact, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

HIV/AIDS in Brazil: How Power and Gender Inequality Perpetuate the Pandemic, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

The US Midterm Elections of November 7th and Its Foreign Policy Ramifications, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz

The Neoliberal Foreign Policy of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz and Evie Daughtrey

Gender, Power & HIV/AIDS, Jose de Arimateia da Cruz and Corie Hammers

Democratic Theory and Democratic Policing, Steven Engel

Devolution and Beyond: New Political Structures for Celtic Peoples, Steven Engel

Rousseau and the Problem of Patriotism, Steven Engel

Discipline Training, Alice Hall

Discipline Training, Alice Hall

Making Staff Training Fun and Educational, Alice Hall

Making Staff Training Fun and Educational, Alice Hall

Safety and Supervision of School-Age Children, Alice Hall

Celticness: The Modern Invention of an Identity, Barbara A. Hendry

Child Development: From Theory to Practice, Jerri J. Kropp, K. Benjamin, T. Brownlee, and K. Cowan

Addressing the Gap between Curriculum Standards and What We Know about Children’s Development, Jerri J. Kropp and Wendy L. Chambers

Interpretive Reproduction in Girls’ Recreational Softball, Nancy L. Malcom

Study Tips for Sociology, Nancy L. Malcom

Study Tips for Sociology, Nancy L. Malcom

Creating an interdisciplinary, social action-oriented, student-faculty collaborative research group, Trent W. Maurer

Let’s talk: Problem-based conferencing with parents, Trent W. Maurer

Perceptions of date rape: The impact of gender, alcohol, and attire, Trent W. Maurer and D. W. Robinson

Coal Disasters: Geology and Politics in Uneasy Collaboration, Karen M. McCurdy

Coal Fires in the United States: A Case Study in Government Inattention, Karen M. McCurdy

Earth Sciences Influence in Non-renewable Resource Policy: An Evolutionary Process, Karen M. McCurdy

Geology as Policy Problem: An Evolution from Progressive to Conservative Politics, Karen M. McCurdy

Patriotic Songs Becoming Un-American, Karen M. McCurdy and Julia Schmidt-Pirro

Critical Assessments of the Writings of Hannah Arendt, Robert Pirro

Invited Lecture: “Hannah Arendt und die Politik der Tragödie: Die Eröffnung einer neuen Forschungsrichtung”, Robert Pirro

Invited paper: “Tragedy, Theodicy and 9/11”, Robert Pirro

Invited Seminar Presentation: “Is the Age of Terrorism an Age of Nationalism?”, Robert Pirro

On the Aesthetic Political, Robert Pirro

Professional Community Building within the Tiers, Ned Rinalducci

The Media, the Middle East, and the War on Terror, Ned Rinalducci


The Social and Cultural Construction of Ethnic Identity among Irish Americans in Savannah, Georgia, William L. Smith and Barbara A. Hendry