Department Chair: Stephen P. Vives

The Department of Biology offers study in the field of biological sciences to provide students with a broad, foundational education in the biological sciences through authentic learning experiences. The Department offers 2 degree programs, a Bachelor of Science in Biology (BSB) and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology (BA).

The goal of both programs is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue professional careers in the health sciences, biological sciences, and science education, or to obtain an advanced degree in science. Undergraduate students in both the BS and BA programs practice up-to-date research and/or laboratory techniques, critical thinking, and independent learning in each of 3 sub-disciplines of biology (Sub-Organismal, Organismal, and Ecology and Evolution). Additionally, students in the BA gain interdisciplinary experiences acquired through minor and language requirements. In establishing these goals and activities, the faculty followed the recommendations for standards established by the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT, 2008)1, and those recommended by Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education (2011)2.

The faculty is dedicated to providing students a challenging education that provides a foundation for life-long learning and an appreciation of biological processes and biological diversity. Our programs support the University’s mission to develop a fertile learning environment for majors exemplified by a free exchange of ideas, high academic expectations, and individual responsibility for academic achievement.

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