The Augusta University Online Teaching Module is a key assessment administered once during one specified course in each educator preparation program. Augusta University teacher candidates are required to show proficiency in ISTE standards and CAEP standard 1.5. The online teaching model measures candidates’ ability to apply technology standards in order to design, implement, and assess learning experiences to engage students and improve learning. In order to pass the Online Teaching Module, candidates must score 3 out of 4 possible points on at least five of the six indicators. If a candidate does not pass this assessment, goals will be created along with strategies to require the candidate to improve on area(s) of weakness in technology use. After the strategies have been implemented, the candidate will be able to redo this key assessment. Candidates will not be able to progress to student teaching without passing this assessment. This paper outlines this key assessment’s administration, purpose, instructions, and rubric. We hope it will be useful to others as they prepare for CAEP visits.

Author Bio

Stacie K. Pettit, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and Middle Grades Program Coordinator in the Department of Teaching and Leading at Augusta University.

Susan Edwards, Ph.D., is a former faculty member at Augusta University. She teaches 7th grade math at Johnson County Middle School in Mountain City, Tennessee.

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