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The concept of rainbow connection was introduced by Chartrand, Johns, McKeon and Zhang in 2008. Nowadays it has become a new and active subject in graph theory. There is a book on this topic by Li and Sun in 2012, and a survey paper by Li, Shi and Sun in 2013. More and more researchers are working in this field, and many new papers have been published in journals. In this survey we attempt to bring together most of the new results and papers that deal with this topic. We begin with an introduction, and then try to organize the work into the following categories, rainbow connection coloring of edge-version, rainbow connection coloring of vertex-version, rainbow $k$-connectivity, rainbow index, rainbow connection coloring of total-version, rainbow connection on digraphs, rainbow connection on hypergraphs. This survey also contains some conjectures, open problems and questions for further study.

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