About This Journal

TAG publishes high quality papers containing results of wide interest in the areas of graph theory and its applications. Submitted manuscripts must be original, self-contained, and written in English. The writing must be unambiguous and grammatically correct to be considered for publication.

TAG publishes one regular volume per year, divided into issues. Occasionally, special issues are also published. Articles are published online as soon as they are accepted.

For journal policies and submission guidelines, see the Policies page.


Theory and Applications of Graphs is jointly owned by its Editors-in-Chief.


Theory and Applications of Graphs, as a free web-based mathematics journal, relies on the generosity of many people for its operation. We have no income and no paid employees. Our papers are carefully reviewed by anonymous referees who give generously of their time and their expertise. We gratefully acknowledge their essential contributions.

The main web site of TAG is hosted by Digital Commons at Georgia Southern University. We thank this institution for generously supplying this service and technical advice.

TAG would also like to thank The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics for providing the motivation and a template for this documentation for TAG.