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Submissions from 2007

Cherokee Healing: A Language­Based Study, Heidi M. Altman

Native Peoples and Language Revitalization, Heidi M. Altman

Native Peoples of the Southeast, Heidi M. Altman

Divining the Past: Cherokee History through a Cherokee Lens, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

Doctor, Doctor: Health Choices Among Contemporary Cherokees, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

The Will West Long Materials at the Gilcrease Museum, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

Tohi: The Cherokee Concept of Well­being, Heidi M. Altman and Thomas N. Belt

The Role of Religious Beliefs and Denominational Affiliation in Explaining Poverty: Individual, Structural and Divine Causes, Ted Brimeyer


The Use of the Internet by Labor and Management to Influence Public Perceptions: A Case Study of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and Wal-Mart, Ted Brimeyer

Assessment 101: What is it and why do we do it?, Nancy L. Malcom

Conversations with Professors, Nancy L. Malcom

Study Tips for Sociology, Nancy L. Malcom

Study Tips for Sociology, Nancy L. Malcom

American Politics in Perspective, Ned Rinalducci

Global Terrorism: An American Perspective, Ned Rinalducci

Global Terrorism and the U.S. led War Against Terror, Ned Rinalducci

Terrorism and Narco-Terrorism: Trends and Perspectives, Ned Rinalducci

Terrorism and The American War on Terror, Ned Rinalducci

The Intersection of Ethnic, Racial, Religious and Political Identity in Trinidad, Ned Rinalducci


Southerner and Irish? Regional and Ethnic Consciousness in Savannah, Georgia, William L. Smith


Teaching the Capstone Course, William L. Smith