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Submissions from 2014

A New Teacher's Guide to Student Learning, Having Fun, and Surviving your First Class, Nathan S. Palmer

Austerity, The New Normal in Academia?: How Sociologists Are Adjusting to the Changing Political and Economic Landscapes Affecting Higher Education, Nathan S. Palmer

Don't Sacrifice Today's Opportunity For Yesterday's Dream, Nathan S. Palmer

How to Create an Online Platform for Your Research, Nathan S. Palmer

Issues in Education, Nathan S. Palmer

Social Media Training Pre-Conference Workshop, Nathan S. Palmer

Teaching 2.0 - Open Education Resources and Social Media in the Classroom, Nathan S. Palmer

Teaching Large Lecture Classes: Strategies for Student Engagement, Nathan S. Palmer

Teaching Large Lecture Classes: Strategies for Student Engagement, Nathan S. Palmer

Truth Has No Color, Nathan S. Palmer

Using Social Media as a Professional Development Tool, Nathan S. Palmer

When You Play in Dirt, You Get Dirty: Why Everyone Needs to Work Against Racism, Nathan S. Palmer

Why it is Smart to Think of Yourself as Dumb and Dumb to Think of Yourself as Smart, Nathan S. Palmer


Assessing Community Formation on Online Educational Resource Networks, Nathan S. Palmer and April M. Schueths

Gendered Deportation Regimes: The Experiences of Exiled and Fractured Mixed-Status Couples, April Schueths


‘It's almost like white supremacy’: Interracial mixed-status couples facing racist nativism, April M. Schueths

Just Like a Nightmare: Coping among Mixed-Status Couples, April M. Schueths


Impractical Lives: The Prayer Lives of Cistercian Monks in the American Southeast, William L. Smith

Multiple Scales of Interaction and Tradition in the Early Side-Notched Horizon, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

Subregional Side-Notched Traditions in the Coastal Plain, Kara Bridgman Sweeney

The Typology of Early Side-Notched Bifaces and Unifaces, Kara Bridgman Sweeney


The Bennett Grove School: Bulloch County’s Last One Room African American Schoolhouse, Inger Wood

The Final Fitzner Survey, M. Jared Wood