You Have Questions, Let’s Find Answers: Collaborative Research Between Performance and Research Faculty

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Workshop presented at College Music Society Southern Regional Conference, Orlando, FL.


Musicians have questions about their students (why can’t this student hold a steady tempo?), about practice (slow and steady works for me, but maybe this current generation of students doesn’t have the attention span for that?), and many other things. However, musicians usually don’t have a background in behavioral or experimental research in order to answer those questions. Also, they may not have time in their performing and teaching schedule to independently complete all the stages of a research project. The solution to these problems is to embark on a collaborative research project with a music education or psychology faculty member. This workshop will outline the stages of a study (developing a research question, reviewing existing literature, designing the protocol, obtaining permission from human subjects boards, recruiting, collecting data, analyzing data, interpreting data, and sharing the results). Suggestions will be given for how to find and approach collaborators. A workflow chart will demonstrate the division of labor between the applied and other faculty member. Discussion will include specific examples drawn from an active research collaboration the presenter is currently undertaking with an applied faculty member.


College Music Society Southern Regional Conference


Orlando, FL

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