Perceptions of Millennials’ Media Attitudes and Use: a Comparison of U.s. And Indian Millennials

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Fall 2016

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Marketing Management Journal


Previous research finds demographic characteristics affects perceptions of value and informativeness of advertising, thereby impacting the perception of media relevance. The purpose of this study is to update Wolburg and Pokrywczynski’s (2001) work by comparing U.S. and Indian Millennials’ perceptions of relatability of media depictions, ad informativeness, and differences by gender. We find multiple significant differences between the U.S. and Indian Millennial groups. Indian Millennials were significant more likely to be offended by ads, think ads increase prices, and dislike ads more than U.S. Millennials. U.S. Millennials, while not entirely positive in their attitude towards ads, perceived ads to be more informative and credible than their Indian counterparts. The managerial implications are that there are significant differences among Millennials between cultures that strongly impact their reaction to advertisements. These significant differences may affect the efficacy of advertisements to different groups.