A Systematic Program Analysis of Undergraduate HR Education: The Pursuit of Quality and Innovation

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Given the importance of human capital management skills in business education, undergraduate human resource (HR) curricula are in serious need of a systematic review. In this study, we describe the current state of HR education within U.S. undergraduate programs via an analysis of programmatic and institutional-level attributes. We also seek to highlight innovative program elements that we discovered via quantitative data analyses to aid future curriculum design changes in undergraduate HR programs. To achieve these goals, we collected data on 161 undergraduate HR programs and examined aspects of program structure, course/content coverage, and business school/university characteristics. Against the backdrop of our findings, we step back and purposefully comment on how we believe HR education can best be moved forward. In total, we seek to inform HR faculty, advisory boards, and program and school administrators through a clearer picture of the current and potential future states of HR curricula within U.S.-based undergraduate business programs.


Academy of Management Annual Conference (AOM)


Vancouver, B.C., Canada