Volume 6, Number 2 (2016)

Literature Review


Integrating food and language nutrition to reach Georgia’s children in early care and education environments
Jean O'Connor, Chinwe Ejikeme, Maria Fernandez, Kia Powell-Threets, Audrey Idaikkadar, Christi Kay, Emily Anne Vall, Kimberly Ross, and Brenda Fitzgerald

BRIEF Reports


A Preliminary Examination of Elevated Blood Lead Levels in a Rural Georgia County
R. Christopher Rustin, Yu Sun, Chris Calhoun, and Christy Kuriantnyk

Invited Editorial

Qualitative Research


Evaluating public and private partnership to improve food and language nutrition among children 0-5 years
Chinwe Ejikeme, Kia Powell-Threets, Emily Anne Vall, Laura Wagner, Luke Fiedorowicz, Audrey Idaikkadar, and Jean O'Connor


Assessment of the Building Collaborative Research Capacity Model: Bridging the community-academic researcher divide
Tabia Henry Akintobi, Donoria Evans Wilkerson, Kirsten Rodgers, Cam Escoffery, Regine Haardörfer, and Michelle Kegler


Assessment of distress, unmet needs, and receipt of care plans among cancer survivors in Georgia
Cam Escoffery, Angie Patterson, Nancy M. Paris, Logan Kirsch, Cassiopeia Frank, and Jean O'Connor

Research Protocol


Exploration of barriers and facilitators to publishing local public health findings: A mixed methods protocol
Selina A. Smith, Nancy C. Webb, Daniel S. Blumenthal, Bobbie Willcox, Darra Ballance, Faith Kinard, and Madison L. Gates


Guest Editor
Selina A. Smith, PhD, MDiv, Georgia Regents University
Founding Editor
McKinley Thomas, EdD, Mercer University