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Psychology (B.S.)

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Thesis (open access)

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Dr. C. Thresa Yancey


In this study, we investigated the correlations between media representation and real world views towards minority groups, specifically towards those who identify as LGBT+. To this end, participants completed questionnaires related to their personal views on real life issues, such as sexism and openness to diversity, as well as their feelings toward films featuring minority characters. Participants (N = 119) also watched trailers featuring, separately, LGBT+ characters, disabled characters, or characters who were neither, and rated how relatable they found the characters and how interested they were in seeing the film in its entirety. Correlations were conducted, and participants who rated themselves as holding more sexist views, and being less accepting of LGBT+ people, were less approving of the trailers featuring LGBT+ characters, while conversely those who rated themselves as being more open to ideas of diversity reported more interest in the same trailers. These results indicate that there are relationships to be explored between real life views and media preferences.

Thesis Summary

This study looks at the relationships between real-life attitudes towards LGBT individuals and reception toward media portrayals of LGBT characters.

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