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Submissions from 2019

Raising a Radical: Emilie Ashurst and Nineteenth-Century Social Networks, Allison Scardino Belzer

The Power of Parentage and Parenting in the Middle Class: William Henry Ashurst's Commitment to Reform, Allison Scardino Belzer

Guest Speaker: Georgia Southern University Phi Alpha Theta Inauguration, Jeffrey D. Burson

Sacred and Secular Enlightening between Freemasonry and Catholicism in an Ear of Cultural Revolution, Jeffrey D. Burson

Theodicy and Humanity: Resolving the Problem of Evil in the French Enlightenment, Jeffrey D. Burson

The Odyssey of Eighteenth-Century Scholarship & the Entangled Emergence of the Enlightenment, Jeffrey D. Burson

On the Water and Beneath the Waves: Stories of Coastal Georgia, Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and Kurt Knoerl

Troubling Maternity in the Eighteenth-and Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Atlantic, Felicity Turner

An Anatomy of Knowledge: Medicine in the Civil War Era South, Felicity M. Turner

From Midwife to Physician: The Development of Medicine in Nineteenth-Century America, Felicity M. Turner

Proving Pregnancy: Physicians, Infanticide, & the Law in the Nineteenth-Century US, Felicity M. Turner

Revisiting Sarah Grimké’s Legal Disabilities of Women: Property and the Gendered Language of Rights in the Antebellum US, Felicity M. Turner

The Physician, the Jury, & the Corpse: Infant Death in the Nineteenth-Century United States, Felicity M. Turner

The Physician, the Midwife, & the Corpse: Interpreting Infanticide in the Nineteenth-Century United States, Felicity M. Turner

To Own What She Knows: Property and the Gendered Language of Rights in the Nineteenth-Century US, Felicity M. Turner

Submissions from 2018


Civil-Military Relations in the Reconstruction South: Three Community Studies, William T. Allison


Cultural Landscapes of War: Commemoration the First World War in Africa, America, and Australia, William T. Allison


Georgia’s Military Past, William T. Allison

My Lai and the Legacy of Vietnam: A 50-Year Perspective, William T. Allison


There’s A Lot Going On: America, Vietnam, and LBJ in January 1968, William T. Allison


With Arms or Food? A Local View of American Policy in Revolutionary Russia, 1918-1919, William T. Allison

Armistice Day: One Hundred Years of Remembrance, Allison Scardino Belzer


Italian Women in Uniform during World War I, Allison Scardino Belzer

Jane Austen and the Case for Great Books, Allison Scardino Belzer

Early Modern European History, Jeffrey Burson

Popular Culture in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century France and England, Jeffrey Burson

Visions of Catholic Modernity, I, Jeffrey Burson

Ambivalent Anti-Rousseauians: Christian Apologetics between Radicalizing Enlightenment and Jean-Jacques Rousseau before the French Revolution, Jeffrey D. Burson

Defending Catholic Visions of True Faith on the Eve of Revolution: Anti-Rousseauianism and Enlightenment Apologetics, c. 1760-1789, Jeffrey D. Burson

Roundtable Presentation on Dale K. Van Kley’s Reform Catholicism and the International Suppression of the Jesuits in Enlightenment Europe, Jeffrey D. Burson

Roundtable Presentation on The Future of European History and In the South, Jeffrey D. Burson


Jesuits as Global Citizens: Geography and World History in European Jesuit Libraries, Kathleen M. Comerford

Letters between the Jesuits and the Medici Grand Duchesses, Kathleen M. Comerford

Gender, Race, and Labor in the Household, 1700—1860, Felicity Turner

Bodies of Evidence: Infanticide, Women & Law in the Nineteenth-Century United States, Felicity M. Turner

Submissions from 2017

At the Crossroads: The Vietnam War in 1967, William T. Allison

Decisions for War: The Strategic Imperative for the United States in World War II, William T. Allison


Mobilizing Civilian Resilience During and After Conflict, William T. Allison

My Lai, the Law of Land Warfare, and Command Responsibility, William T. Allison


Post-War Society in the 20th Century, William T. Allison

POWs, Lost Causes, and Identity, William T. Allison

The Early Cold War, William T. Allison

The Vietnam War in Popular Culture, William T. Allison

Vietnam Veterans Memorials: What are They? What do They Mean?, William T. Allison


Women in Uniform One Hundred Years Later: Rethinking World War One in Italy, Allison Scardino Belzer

Aristocracy, Cunning Folk, Independents, Levellers, and Witches: England in the Seventeenth Century, Jeffrey Burson

The Politics of Religion in the Age of Revolutions, Jeffrey Burson

Perils, Pitfalls, and Promise of Teaching the World History Survey, Jeffrey D. Burson

Revising the Soul, Reclaiming the Natural Sentiment of Humanity from the Jesuits to the ‘Antiphilosophes’, Jeffrey D. Burson

The Interlacing of Sacred and Secular Discourse in the French Enlightenment: Perspectives on Toleration and Freedom of Expression in the Worlds of Abbé Claude Yvon, Jeffrey D. Burson

Varieties of Enlightening on the Margins of Enlightenment Catholicism: The Philosophers of Château d’Ormes and the Feud Between Dom Deschamps and Claude Yvon, Jeffrey D. Burson


Vernacular Texts in Northern Jesuit College Library Collections, Kathleen M. Comerford


Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project, Kathleen M. Comerford and Kyle Roberts


Women in Conflict: Constructing Identity in the Twentieth Century During Dictatorship and War, Hapsatou Wane and Allison Scardino Belzer

Submissions from 2015

Demystifying the Hiring Process: The View from the Other Side of the Table, William T. Allison

English Women’s Involvement in the First World, Allison Scardino Belzer

From Revolution to Nation: A Changing World, Jeffrey Burson

Genealogies of Enlightenment among the Jansenists and Jesuits, Jeffrey Burson

Ideology, Opportunism, and the Process of Theological Enlightenment, c. 1762-1782: Insights from the Correspondence of Abbé Claude Yvon and Marc-René de Voyer, Marquis d’Argenson, Jeffrey Burson

Seventeenth-Century England and France: Gender, Theory, and Practice, Jeffrey Burson

Twilight into Dawn: Reflections on the Passage from Renaissance into the Age of Enlightenment, Jeffrey Burson

Twilight of the Renaissance or Dawn of Enlightenment Europe?, Jeffrey Burson

The Bicentennial of Waterloo: A Historical Retrospective on Napoleon and the Napoleonic Mystique, Jeffrey D. Burson


Professional Career Paths beyond the Classroom, Kathleen M. Comerford

The “Peculiar Foundations” of Ecclesiastical Authority: Case Histories from New South Wales, Virginia, and Cape Town, Christopher M. Curtis


Researching my Role for Myself: Reacting to the Past and Information Literacy, Caroline Hopkinson and Allison Scardino Belzer

Crime and Slavery in Antebellum America, Felicity Turner

Midwives, Mothers, Matrons, and Medical Doctors: Medicine and the Female Body in the Nineteenth-Century South, Felicity M. Turner

Reimagining the African-American Mother: Rights and the Racialization of Motherhood in the Reconstruction South, Felicity M. Turner

(Un)fit for Motherhood: Pathologizing ‘Murdering Mothers’ in the Post-Civil War Era United States, Felicity M. Turner

Submissions from 2014

Grand Strategy and the Great War, William T. Allison

Italy and the First World War, Allison Scardino Belzer

Nurses, Spies, and Sacrifice: Female Citizenship and Patriotism in Italy, Allison Scardino Belzer