About This Journal

Georgia Journal of College Student Affairs was first published in 1985, under the editorship of Tom G. Walter, then a doctoral candidate in the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services at the University of Georgia. Prior to that time, there was a graduate student publication called Viewpoint, which benefited from financial support from the Georgia College Personnel Association.

However, the official “birth” of the Georgia Journal of College Student Affairs as the GCPA journal was Volume One which was published in 1985. Several graduate students edited the Journal over the succeeding years. Dr. Roger B. Winston, Jr., Professor in Counseling & Human Development Services at UGA became Editor in 1997. The first online version of the Georgia Journal was published in 2002 (Volume 18), under the editorship of Dr. Diane L. Cooper, a faculty member in the same department.

Beginning in 2018, Dr. Steven Tolman, Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Georgia Southern University, assumed the role as editor. At that time, the journal was moved from the GCPA website to being housed by Digital Commons at Georgia Southern University. This affords the journal the ability to receive a DOI and be indexed in Google Scholar and many library databases.

Previous Editors:

  • Dr. Lunk
  • Dr. Brenda Marina
  • Dr. Kijua McMurtry
  • Dr. Tom G. Walter
  • Dr. Teresa Raetz
  • Dr. Diane L. Cooper
  • Dr. Roger B. Winston

For more about the Georgia Journal of College Student Affairs, see the Aims & Scope page. For journal policies and submission guidelines, see the Policies page. Please contact the Editors with any questions or concerns pertaining to the journal.