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Individual paper/presentation

Type of Presentation

Panel (1 hour and 15 minutes presentation total for two or more presenters)

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Ethics in Information

Target Audience

Higher Education


Room 111




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Presentation Description

This panel/roundtable discussion will invite audience participation to consider how online publication practices are beginning to change our traditional understandings of what constitutes a stable text. As editors, members of editorial boards, and authors, we will consider personally, theoretically, and anecdotally some of the dilemmas we are currently grappling with in this regard, particularly as they affect our understandings of "publication," the integrity of published texts, our responsibilities to current and future scholars, and the compelling possibilities enabled by digital media.


Archival integrity, Scholarly electronic publishing., Scholarly publishing., Electronic information resources., Electronic publishing., Digital preservation.

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Presentation (Open Access)


Oct 1st, 12:45 PM Oct 1st, 1:45 PM

Digital Publishing and Archival Integrity: Do Online Texts Threaten History?

Room 111

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