Submissions from 2018


Terrestrial Lidar Raw Dataset for: Stemflow Dynamics in Relation to Individual Tree Canopy Structure, Neighborhood Conditions, and Meteorological Factors, Sandra A. Yankine, John T. Van Stan II, Jean-Francois Cote, Anke Hildebrandt, Dylan C. Mesta, Gustavo O. Maldonado, and Jan Friesen

Submissions from 2016


XSL Files for Transformation of bepress Digital Commons Issue-Level Journal XML to CrossRef Deposit XML, Jeffrey M. Mortimore and Ashley D. Lowery


Replication Datasets for Consequences of Secondary Calibrations on Divergence Time Estimates, John J. Schenk

Submissions from 2015

Freezing Behaviour Facilitates Bioelectric Crypsis in Cuttlefish Faced with Predation Risk, Christine N. Bedore

Submissions from 2014


American Print History, Donald Armel