The Politics of Currere in Alienating Times

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Contribution to Book

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Toward a Poor Curriculum




Georgia Southern University faculty member Robert L. Lake co-authored "The Politics of Currere in Alienating Times" in Toward a Poor Curriculum.

Book Summary: In 1976 William Pinar and Madeline Grumet published the first edition of Toward a Poor Curriculum in order to express their resistance to “the mind numbing bureaucracy of the accountability trend of the times: behavioral objectives, and to propose a humanities methodology and alternative to the social science inquiries that were dominating research” (Pinar & Grumet, 2014, p. ii). In 2014, with increasing standardization and bureaucratization of both K–12 and higher education institutions, this text remains a relevant and urgent read for educators and researchers alike.

This 3rd edition features new material by the authors and an afterword by Robert Lake and Tricia Kress.