Queer Pedagogy: Dante’s Left Foot

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Contribution to Book

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Thinking Queer: Sexuality, Culture and Education




Georgia Southern University faculty member Marla B. Morris authored "Queer Pedagogy: Dante's Left Foot" in Thinking Queer: Sexuality, Culture, and Education.

Book Summary: Thinking Queer takes up the challenges of queer theorizing for education by interrogating the effects of representation through voice and visibility, the interplay of social and academic knowledges and ignorances, and the performative aspects of queer identities and practices. Engaging ethnography, philosophical policy, and social analysis, cultural and media studies, and theoretical stances from psychoanalysis to complexity theory, the essays in this volume challenge readers to move beyond the logic of identity politics in order to consider the limitations and possibilities of cultural and institutional policies and practices in K-12 and higher educational contexts. This volume offers analyses of queer subjects that frame possibilities for new forms of inquiry into queer politics and practices and suggests tactics for educational change.