Disputation of a Bad Reputation: Adverse Sexual Labels and the Lives of Twelve Southern Women

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Geographies of Girlhood: Identities In-Between




In academic research studies (Daniluk, 1991; Duncan, 1999; Fausto Sterling, 2000; Hillier, Harrison, & Warr, 1998; Holland, Ramazanoglu, Sharpe, & Thomson, 1994; Irvine, 1994; Kitzinger, 1995; Lees, 1993; Tolman, 1991), as well as in popular-culture studies (Mann, 1994; Pipher, 1994; Tanenbaum, 2000 ; Wolf, 1997), the message is clear: There is a sex­ual double standard for males and females. Katz and Farrow (2000) have written that although women may be experiencing greater freedom to par­ticipate in sex than in the past, they are “still constrained by a m ore covert but powerful double standard about morality” (p. 802).