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Georgia Southern University Roll of Honor Project

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This poster presentation highlights the brief life of Georgia Southern University student Charles H. Browne, who was killed in World War II in 1942. The poster will identify when Browne attended Georgia Southern, explore his service history in the military, and tell the story of who he was. Sources include county and state archives, online sources such as the National Archives, as well as materials from Special Collections in the Henderson Library. These include archived copies of the George-Anne, the Reflector yearbook, and other records. Information regarding significant dates, military service, and obituaries will be found in newspapers and military records. Charles H. Browne graduated from the university in 1939. The Reflector from that year shows that Browne was a sports editor while attending Georgia Southern. Access to this yearbook also provided a picture of Charles, allowing confirmation of identity in other documents found during research. Information such as this is exactly what this research project is for, to get to know a student and soldier. This project is a required assignment for my Historical Methods class, which is focusing on memorials and remembrance from both historical and contemporary perspectives. This class assignment on soldiers from Georgia Southern in one of the most significant wars in history is itself a form remembrance. Charles H. Browne was a student and soldier who deserves to be remembered at Georgia Southern. Charles H Browne will not be the only one remembered, or the first. However, his importance in the history of the university will not falter.

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Georgia Southern University Roll of Honor Project