I'm Friends with the Ants

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I’m Friends with the Ants is the name of my chapbook, a collection of poems created in my poetry writing courses at Georgia Southern University. They aim at spending time with the speaker, illustrating with words and rhythm the beauty and struggles of life. It is sectioned off into three parts to signify the growth that the speaker has endured. The first section, named the First Harping, creates a sense of surrealism that hones the reader into the story of the book. It also introduces all the various obsessions that the speaker has with bugs, teeth, and boyfriends. The Second Harping discusses space exploration, then delves into the interactions between men and gay sex. The Third Harping shifts entirely from its predecessor, bringing the audience’s attention to both the importance of family members and the damages they cause. The chapbook ends with a poem named, “Consider Ichnology,” which is a narrative piece that traverses the mind of a speaker who becomes distracted by their thoughts, creating a sense of never-ending dread. The poem is meant to keep the reader on their toes with gun-shot pace. This way, the audience is left wondering what is yet to come. The poems in this chapbook all range from lyrical to narrative, with pieces like “My Friends, the Bugs,” “There Will Be Canyons,” and “Coca-Cola.” The poem, “Gas Station Boys,” is a nomination for the 2019 AWP Intro Journal Project, and is the crown jewel of this book that makes the abstract centipede into oblivion.

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I'm Friends with the Ants