Li Bai, Du Fu and Yang Guifei; Tang Dynasty Immortals

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During the Tang dynasty of China, two master poets would appear that would later cause a massive impact on future generations and modern poetry. The Tang dynasty is widely considered the most creative period in China’s history, having two poets compete for the title of best is an amazing feat. Both poets shared an unlikely friendship due to their exceptionally different writing styles and personal values, making their appeal to modern day poetry fanatics even more intense. Li Bai, with his romanticized poetry about wine and nature along with his obstinate behavior and carefree nature and Du Fu, with his realistic poetry about the struggles of life and man. Among their era was one whom many blamed to be the cause of it’s fall, Yang Guifei. A beauty who had the love of the Emperor and later had to die for peace, she is the target of many poems and shows even during today's time. Each had exceptionally different routes in life but we're all connected by being the biggest influences of the dynasty, two poets who were said to be the most dominating influences of the time, and the beauty who was said to be the cause of the dynasty’s collapse. My research focuses on their different paths in life and how all of them were connected and how they had changed the dynasty and possibly the future with their work. Yang Guifei with her role in the Tang dynasty’s collapse, and Li Bai and Du Fu’s poetry’s influence today. This presentation will explore the lives of Li Bai, Du Fu and Yang Guifei along with the impacts their legacies have had on modern day poetry.

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Li Bai, Du Fu and Yang Guifei; Tang Dynasty Immortals