Human Resource Manager’s Role in Cultivating Sustainable Workplace Motivation

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My presentation is based on insight gained during my summer human resource management internship at a national landscape company. To protect the privacy of the organization and its members, I replaced the original companies name to Nature Landscaping. The focus of my case study is on a human resource manager’s role in cultivating sustainable workplace motivation by providing department managers four necessary practices and policies; handle issues within the workplace, establish a team, build trust, and oversee their workers environment. By understanding the significance of recognizing the need for humans to be motivated within their work environment, we can begin to analyze the relevance of workplace motivation on an organization's success as a whole. I will discuss how it is important for human resource managers to encourage department supervisors to promote these workplace motivation policies and procedures in order to increase employee satisfaction which then leads to an organizations success. By acknowledging ways Nature landscaping human resource managers help promote these policies and practices to department managers, I was able to discover their complex chain of command and communication challenges that presented risk in promoting workplace motivation. I concluded that moving forward, Nature Landscaping’s top leadership executives have an opportunity to objectively determine more efficient and effective ways their human resource department and managers can promote the necessary practices and policies. I emphasis that creating consistency among management can be difficult the larger an organization gets, but by educating employees in leadership positions about how and why these practices and policies increase workplace motivation, Nature Landscaping will see an increase in their organizations performance.

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Human Resource Manager’s Role in Cultivating Sustainable Workplace Motivation