About the CURIO Symposium

The 2020-2021 CURIO symposium will showcase undergraduate research and creative activity that was undertaken by students in the College of Arts and Humanities. All presentations will be delivered through a video format submitted by the presenters. Our staff will take the videos and load them into a YouTube channel to be made available from our CURIO 2021 Symposium webpage on Creative Commons. A panel of judges will review all presentations and select winners in each presentation category. Winners will be awarded cash prizes.

CURIO Symposium Diversity Statement

CURIO is strongly committed to the wide and inclusive expression of all forms and topics of undergraduate research and creative activity. CURIO invites contributions from all members of the undergraduate community of innovators, creatives, and researchers at the College of Arts and Humanities and welcomes proposals and presentations that include a diversity of voices, backgrounds, and viewpoints.

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2021 CURIO Symposium (April 14, 2021)