Journal on Centers for Teaching and Learning

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CTLs as Genre: A Message from the Editor in Chief - John Paul Tassoni

Teaching Centers as Teaching Advocates: Navigating University Politics - Peter Lindsay

Engaging in a Collaborative Project as a Team-Building Strategy During a Period of Organizational Change - Zack Lee, Lydia Jones, Roselynn Verwood, Isabeau Iqbal, & Janice Johnson

Writing in Action: Scholarly Writing Groups as Faculty Development - Kurt Schick, Cindy Hunter, Lincoln Gray, Nancy Poe, & Karen Santos

Learning from Each Other: Involving Students in Centers for Teaching and Learning - Alison Boye, Micah Meixner Logan & Suzanne Tapp

A Peer-Based, Dissemination Model of Professional Faculty Development: A Story - Alan Altany

The "New" Faculty Development? Exploring the Relationship Between Human Performance Improvement (HPI) and Current Best Practices in Faculty Development - Eric Grosse

A Study of the Impact of Services of a University Teaching Centre on Teaching Practice: Changes and Conditions - Claire Belanger, Marilou BHelisle, & Paul-Armand Bernatchez

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