In the fall of 2020, due to COVID, our candidates did not have access to student work samples early in the semester. In order to learn how to assess student learning I reached out to an Arts and Sciences faculty who teaches a freshman course. The Arts and Science faculty was a former middle school teacher who was scheduled to talk about the teaching of writing in our methods class. We decided to add using work samples from her current students to provide an assessment experience. This exercise allowed candidates to create a one-point rubric, analyze student work, give feedback, examine patterns of learning for the whole class, as well as give suggestions for each student based on their work. The practice prepared them for their own fall teaching assignment and all were able to analyze their students' works successfully.

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Nancy Ruppert and Jessica Pisano are faculty members at UNC-Asheville. Jessica teaches in the language arts department, Nancy teaches in the education department. Both are former middle school teachers and have worked together with our secondary 6-12 licensure candidates to prepare them to work with middle and high school students.



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