The articles in this issue of Current Issues in Middle Level Education share examples of ways that teacher education programs have responded to the ongoing challenges from COVID-19. At the time that this issue is published, it has been about a year since K-12 schools as well as colleges and universities transitioned to a variety of different models of instruction. Teacher educators have redesigned and reimagined field experiences and other aspects of teacher education to meet new realities. Throughout, a concern for health and safety of students, teachers, other school partners, teacher candidates, university supervisors, and others remains paramount. I hope that readers will see examples of shifts in teacher education that can inspire continued improvement and innovation to support teacher candidates and their current and future students. Throughout, authors have grounded their adaptations in guiding ideas for middle level education and teacher preparation.

Also in this issue, CIMLE is excited to share an article by Lisa M. Harrison and Penny A. Bishop, authors of The Successful Middle School: This We Believe. This text is the new version of the Association for Middle Level Education’s position statement. Their article, first published by the journal of the European League for Middle Level Education, provides additional context for the new edition.

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Amanda Wall is the editor of CIMLE.



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