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Predictive Analytics and Soft Skills: Are We Preparing Business Students for Real Job Requirements?

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Traditionally, business skills are organized along the functional silos of operating businesses with majors in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing and Management. These majors arrange themselves along a continuum of hard skills like Predictive Analytics to Soft Skills like Presentations, Narrative Report Writing, Leadership, and Social/Emotional Intelligence. Many times these Soft Skills are left until the student is ready to gradate and are approached in a Capstone course perhaps using a simulation like Business Strategy Game or Globus where they are included in model course setup. Sometimes there are approached in a team project format in that capstone course. In this approach to curriculum, the emphasis is on the hard skills and needs to shift to a balanced approach through active learning. This special session is to explore the current state of hard/soft skills mix and what mix may be optimal and needed in the future for students to succeed in the dynamic competition they face after graduation

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