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Submissions from 2009

Testifying as a Forensic Accounting Expert, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Tips on Money Management, Thomas A. Buckhoff

The Legal Fiction of Constructive Discharge as Decided by Federal Courts, Michael Wiggins

Submissions from 2008

Conducting an Investigation, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Effective Fraud Deterrence, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Financial Investigations, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Forensic Accountants: The Fraudbusters, Thomas A. Buckhoff

Forensic Accounting, Thomas A. Buckhoff


Why Don't Auditors Detect/Report Fraud?, Thomas A. Buckhoff, Leslee Higgins, and Debra Sinclair

Does Lack of Auditor Choice Lead to Poor Quality Financial Information?, Timothy D. Cairney

A Study of Auditor Changes and Specialist Selection at the Industry Level, Timothy D. Cairney and Eddie Metrejean

Should Investors be Concerned about Pension Fraud: Why and How?, Stephanie R. Sipe, Cheryl T. Metrejean, and William Donaldson

Running the Copyright Gauntlet in Education: The Tenuous Harbor of Fair Use, Michael Wiggins

Submissions from 2005


A Forensic Accounting Program Emphasis: One School’s Response to the Crises in Accounting and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Thomas A. Buckhoff, Leslie B. Fletcher, Leslee N. Higgins, and J. Lowell Mooney

A Summary of How GPK and RCA Work, Timothy D. Cairney

Homogenous Industries and Auditor Market Focus, Timothy D. Cairney

Submissions from 1999

Cost Management Techniques, Julian L. Mooney

Cost Management Techniques, Julian L. Mooney

Reinventing CPE, Julian L. Mooney