Bring Me The Head of Yorkie Goodman


Bring Me The Head of Yorkie Goodman


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“Who’s Yorkie Goodman?” asks Wallace, an enforcer for an East Coast drug cartel. “Just a fella” says his boss, who goes by the name Boss. Just a fella … but Boss wants Yorkie Goodman taken out. He wants it so badly, he’ll risk sending Wallace into Wallace’s own past where a beautiful woman he abandoned years before still holds a bewitching power over him like some ancient siren song. He wants it so badly, he's sending along his deadliest assassin, Carp, to make sure the job is done right. And he wants proof … proof in the form of Goodman’s head delivered in a portable cooler. So begins Wallace’s twisted, violent odyssey into the American heartland - an odyssey that inevitably forces him to choose between love and gangland loyalty. Written in spare, gritty prose, Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman takes you on a page-turning, Tarantinoesque ride to the end of the road.

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New Pulp Press


Key West, FL

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Bring Me The Head of Yorkie Goodman
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