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A Integração Dinâmica de Conteúdo e Língua durante Discussão Bilíngue de Questões Matemáticas com Enunciado

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Revista Multidiciplinar






This study explores the discourse strategies adopted by a bilingual tutor to integrate content and second language learning, and support a student with limited English proficiency while discussing a set of word problems. Our findings reveal an integrated curriculum space wherein instructional focus oscillates between language and content. Pedagogical scaffolding was accomplished through strategic interspersing of pedagogical supports characterised by a linguistic focus (attention to words exchanged) or an epistemic focus (attention on mathematical ideas). Central to linguistically focused strategies was the deployment of oral translation techniques (literal translation, borrowing, modulation, and equivalence). By contrast, epistemically focused strategies entailed metaphorical gesticulation of abstract concepts in a more concrete spatialised form. It is argued that learning content in a second language requires more than vocabulary instruction at the beginning of content lessons. A more flexible approach is needed wherein English learners are provided with just-in-time support as new language naturally emerges.


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