Post Conference Assessment Data and Comments


Conference Assessment Form (online)

N = 94

Role(s) of Participant

Role, %

Faculty, 72.8
Admin, 12.6
Librarian, 0.0
Staff, 4.9
Student, 7.8
Other, 1.9

Was this your first year at the SoTL Commons?

Response, #, %

Yes, 64, 68.1%
No, 30, 31.9%

Assess the quality of the following items:

5 = Strongly Agree
4 = Agree
3 = Undecided
2 = Disagree
1 = Strongly Disagree

Item #, Statement

3A: The conference helped participants share knowledge 4.54

3B: I made new contacts and opportunities for collaboration 4.15

3C: The conference offered high value as a professional development experience 4.27

3D: I experienced how SoTL can improve teaching & learning 4.25

3E: Concurrent sessions' topics were important and relevant 4.16

3F: Conference encouraged me to begin/continue doing SoTL 4.33

3G: The quality of the concurrent sessions was high 4.21

3H, The quality of the keynote addresses were high 3.91

3I: The quality of the poster session was high 3.92

3J: The abstract submission & review process was effective (if applicable) 4.42

3K: The value of the SoTL Commons conference web site was high 4.28

3L: The online registration process was useful 4.35

3M: The conference program booklet was helpful in selecting programs of interes 4.66

3N: The quality of the Nessmith-Lane conference facility was high 4.59

3O: The on-site organization of the conference was of a high level 4.61

3P: The quality of food & refreshments was high 4.40

3Q: The hospitality at the conference was high 4.58

3R: The Open Plenary Session was of high value 4.44

3S: The Thursday evening social event at the Christopher's was enjoyable 4.39

3T: The shuttle van service between SAV and Statesboro was of high value 4.39

3U, The bus transportation between the SoTL Commons & host hotels was of high value 4.41

Overall evaluation of the conference

Rating, #, %

Excellent, 37, 39.4
Very Good, 41, 43.6
Good, 13, 13.8
Fair, 2, 2.1
Poor, 1, 1.1



Post Conference Assessment Data and Comments