Age Differences in Explicit Memory of Crimes and Source Monitoring Ability: Adolescents and Young Adults

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North American Journal of Psychology




The current study explored age differences in cognitive abilities between adolescents and young adults. This is believed to be needed, as there is a dearth of research comparing adolescents to young adults on measures of memory for forensically-relevant events and source monitoring ability, particularly with the age ranges included in this study. If we are to know and understand the developmental trajectory of advances in memory and source monitoring ability, we must examine age differences in these abilities throughout the lifespan. Advances in the processes of encoding and retrieving information and also changes in brain physiology may contribute to age-related differences in these abilities. Particularly within legal settings it is helpful to know what can reasonably be expected in terms of the recall abilities of adolescents. Developmental differences have been displayed in studies comparing similar age groups on various measures of memory ability.

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