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Family Wellness Outreach Center of GA

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Crystal Williams, was born In Augsburg, Germany and was raised in Columbus, GA. Crystal is a Youth-Family Wellness Specialist with 6 years of experience in Education. She truly loves serving youth and that may secretly be a new passion for her. Crystal received her Bachelors of Science in Forensic Science, with a minor in Chemistry & Biology from The UNSINKABLE ALBANY STATE UNIVERSITY. She’s currently in graduate school at the University of Florida pursuing an online Master’s degree in Forensic DNA & Serology. Crystal also plans to receive her certificate in Forensic Investigation from the University of Florida. Her ultimate goal is to become a Forensic Pathologist. Her favorite quote is “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well”. Crystal has a variety of activities that she enjoys. She acts, dances & coaches, and she loves to kick-box. She also loves technology, editing is her thing, but she’s also a photographer and videographer. For fun, she loves interior decorating.

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Family Wellness Outreach Center of GA

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Tykivious Grier is an ambitious 24-year-old from the historical city of Georgetown, Georgia. He is an experienced Youth Specialist with a demonstrated history of working with youth and families. Tykivious has experience implementing evidence-based curricula with high quality and fidelity to young people and adults. As a Youth and Family Wellness Specialist, Tykivious is skilled in engaging youth in stimulating learning to improve sexual risk avoidance skills, healthy relationship skills, and overall skills to help them make great life choices. Tykivious is skilled in several other areas such as Research, Customer Service, Leadership, Project Management, and Public Speaking. He is a strong community and social services professional. Tykivious has a BA in Sociology from Albany State University; he is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Management from Albany State University. Tykivious has a passion for serving the youth and making sure they are prepared to succeed in life.

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Family Wellness Outreach Center of GA

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Kiaira Reid was born in the Good Life City of Albany Georgia. Kiaira serves as a Youth and family Wellness Specialist with the training and knowledge in implementing evidence-based curricula youth and families in Southwest Georgia. She has had years of experience in working directly with youth, families, and communities being able to encourage and make a difference of those who have come into her path. She is well equipped with previously having experience in customer service, youth care, and business management. She has found a new love for community outreach and shares her passion in giving love to those around her. She is eager to make sure that she able and available to change lives and help in anyway possible.

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Family Wellness Outreach Center of GA

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Ashley Williams is the Program Director with 10 years of experience working as a youth advocate and change agent throughout the state of Georgia. Ashley received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Columbus State University as well as a Bachelors of Business Administration from Georgia Southwestern University. With the hope of continuing to inspire and educate youth, she also received a Masters of Education in School Counseling from Albany State University. While pursuing her Masters, she had the hopes of helping young people deal with the many challenges and obstacles that life might throw at them. Now she works to completely eliminate them. Ashley has extensive experience in facilitating evidence-based curricula and training in healthy relationships and trauma-informed care. She has worked in communities throughout the state of Georgia providing education, resources, and information for the betterment of families. Her goal in life is to ensure the success of youth and their families.


Session Six Breakouts (Sloane)

Strand #1

Health: Mental & Physical Health

Strand #2

Heart: Social & Emotional Skills


FWOCGA assists families and parents while fostering social and emotional skills through evidence-based curricula and workshops. We have hosted workshops/seminars that over 200 parents have attended to encourage healthy relationships, communication skills and financial literacy. We provide education resources and support to at-risk youth and parents. It is the belief of our organization that no family is perfect but when provided the necessary skills, resources and education, the void can slowly be filled.

Brief Program Description

Happiness is homemade. Food taste better when you eat with your family. A recipe has no soul, you as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. Great change begins at the dinner table. Come get a full plate of knowledge, skills, and resources to feed your community.


Family Wellness Outreach Center of GA serves Southwest GA youth and their families by providing education, resources, and support to reduce teen pregnancy. We also support increasing their knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in achieving economic stability, education, and overall wellness. As a growing nonprofit in a community that has faced many challenges such as multiple natural disasters, economic poverty, and now an ongoing pandemic, Family Wellness Outreach Center GA is adamant about being a staple of the community. This includes being a hub of multiple resources and services to contribute to the continuous progression of Southwest GA. We understand that youth are our future, and as advocates, we must always work towards creating environments that foster growth and wellbeing. No community is perfect, but the possibilities are endless if we provide the necessary resources coupled with caring professionals. Gather Around The Table will bring forth a 6 course meal for professionals to learn and take away tools from each meal. The ingredients represent the mission statement and why we do what we do. Meal prepping will be a description of our program summary. Once the food is prepared, Grace will be said as an icebreaker. All our programs will then be discussed in meal format. Hors d’oeuvres are the first meal of the 6 course meal-YLC; It is then time to eat the Appetizer – Girl Power; and your third meal, a Salad – GLM; and fourth meal the Soup – Family Café. The main course has arrived – Outreach Activities; and be in to take away a sweet treat, the dessert – Curricula. Would anyone like seconds? – What’s next?; And finally, a toast – Cheers to Wellness and what they’ve learned in hopes that they fill their plates with ideas to take home to their own communities to gather around their tables to be successful.


Research shows that students who feel a genuine sense of belonging at school and communities are more likely to do well in school, stay in school, and make healthy choices. When a child feels connected, they believe their parents, teachers, school staff, and other students in their school cares about them and about how well they are learning. With this in mind, our programming and workshops are designed for individuals and families that desire to live purposefully. Through a variety of programs with evidence-based curricula, we provide families with practical tools for greater understanding and personal development.

Growing up can be hard. Without a stable home, positive role models and tools for success, many young Americans fall behind their peers and experience a rocky transition to adulthood. Unfortunately, 12.6% of individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 are neither working nor attending school. Others suffer from poor health conditions that hinder their ability to develop physically or socially. In addition, research shows that when youth grow up in environments with economic problems and a lack of role models, they’re more at risk for poverty, early pregnancy and violence, especially in adulthood. Such issues not only affect young people later in life, but they also prove harmful to society as a whole. Our goal is to help communities be proactive, recognize risks, and navigate life to be successful.

Learning Objective 1

Promote and strengthen their parent and community engagement efforts.

Learning Objective 2

provide education, resources, and support to their families in their respective communities to reduce at risk behavior in youth.

Learning Objective 3

assist communities in being proactive, recognize risks, and navigate life well.

Keyword Descriptors

home, heart, wellness, happiness, healthy, community, success, life, outreach, empower

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Start Date

3-7-2023 1:00 PM

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3-7-2023 2:15 PM

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Mar 7th, 1:00 PM Mar 7th, 2:15 PM

Gather Around The Table

Session Six Breakouts (Sloane)

Happiness is homemade. Food taste better when you eat with your family. A recipe has no soul, you as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. Great change begins at the dinner table. Come get a full plate of knowledge, skills, and resources to feed your community.