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Metropolitain Nashville Public Schools

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Metropolitain Nashville Public Schools

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Metropolitain Nashville Public Schools

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STARS Nashville

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LeTrecia Gloster


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Social & Emotional Skills


Strand II: Heart: This presentation relates to the “heart” strand, as it describes how our district addresses the social-emotional needs of our students by providing wrap-around services and by creating a positive school culture and climate

Brief Program Description

In this presentation, participants will learn how a large, urban school district utilizes the Cluster Support Team model and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to provide wraparound services to include school counselors, social workers, behavior analysts, restorative practitioners, and mental health specialists. Participants will receive an overview of support services, and review data from the district.


Metropolitan Nashville Public School (MNPS) system is the second largest school district in Tennessee, with approximately 160 schools and over 88,000 students. 76% of our students are classified as economically disadvantaged. MNPS is divided geographically into 12 clusters of schools, with each cluster containing one high school and varying numbers of middle schools, elementary schools, and PreK centers.

MNPS believes that in order to create successful learning environments, we must meet more than just the academic needs of learners. Thus, our department of Student Support Services strives to meet the needs of our students through our teams of School Social Workers, Behavior Analysts, School Counselors, STARS Counselors, Truancy Specialists, Restorative Practices Specialists, Social Emotional Learning Coaches, Family Involvement Specialists, and a Drug Education Program Coordinator. Many of these team members work as part of the Cluster Support Team to provide wraparound services to students within the clusters they serve.

The Cluster Support Team and Student Support Services department are working with schools within a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework. Specifically, the Behavior Support Team and Restorative Practice Specialists have been partnering with schools to guide schools in developing a school-wide behavior plan that focuses on positive, proactive, behavior management and non-exclusionary discipline practices that are restorative rather than punitive.

This presentation will begin by providing an overview of our district demographics, and discipline data from previous years. Presenters will then outline the wide range of research-based wraparound services and supports provided by the Student Support Services Department, and review referral data for these services. Finally, presenters will summarize the MTSS framework and explain how research-based interventions are applied within that framework. A school identified as a “priority school” in the state will be highlighted to show how they have used these supports to change the climate and culture of their school and decrease discipline rates.


Many of the wraparound supports provided utilize research-based interventions and evidence-based practices. Behavior Analysts, School Counselors, School Social Workers, STARs Counselors, and Restorative Practices Coaches are operating within a scope of practice that is founded in research, and utilizes evidence based interventions and curricula (e.g., Second Step, Why Try, Young Men’s Work, Young Women’s Lives, Safe Dates).

The MTSS Tier I Frameworks that will be highlighted in the presentation, Restorative Practices and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), are both evidence-based frameworks.

In addition to research to provide validity, we will use data from our district to highlight successes and address future directions for growth.

Biographical Sketch

Yvette Carter, M.S. is a Lead School Counselor with Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). She works with counselors at all tier levels for 65 schools in the district. Yvette started her career as a school counselor over 9 years ago working in the elementary school setting. Prior to her employment with MNPS, she worked at Youth Villages as a Foster Care counselor, advocating and assisting children in state care. A supporter for promoting “Trauma Informed School Culture and Practice,” Yvette is a trainer for both Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Second Step Social Emotional Learning Curriculum. She is currently working on her doctorate of Educational Leadership at Trevecca Nazarene University.

Sarah Coffey, M.S.Ed., BCBA: Sarah Coffey is the Coordinator of Behavior Support Services in Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). She began her career in Behavior Analysis over 17 years ago working with children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Since that time, Sarah has worked in clinic, home, and school settings, helping children with a wide range of behavioral needs. She began working on the MNPS Behavior Support Team in September 2013.

Keith Ekhator, LMSW, LSSW is a Coordinator for the Social Work Department with Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. He has served as a mental health therapist and/ or school social worker since 2011 serves the needs of many economically challenged families and youth. In addition to being a social worker, Keith serves as an adjunct professor for Tennessee State Universities’ Social Work department since 2014. He currently is working on his Doctorates of Education in Leadership & Professional Practice at Trevecca Nazarene University.

LeTrecia M. Gloster, M.S.Ed., began her teaching career as a Mathematics Teacher. After six years of teaching, she became a School Assistant Principal and then School Principal. Through her leadership, she organized and established programs that transformed the educational experience for students by providing leadership and supervision in urban middle and high schools. She focused on climate and culture, instructional leadership and instructional programming through the inception of Ninth Grade Academy, Academy of Engineering, and led the transformational classroom practice through technology integration and online blended learning. Mrs. Gloster currently serves as the Executive Director of School Support and Improvement for the Schools of Innovation in Metro Nashville Public Schools where she supervises, coaches, and supports Principals of priority schools.

Kay Higgs, M.A.Ed., is a Program Leader and Trainer at STARS, a mental health partner with Metro Nashville Public Schools. Kay began her career at STARS 16 years ago as a Student Assistance Counselor providing direct services to students addressing social and emotional barriers for youth such as in the substance abuse, violence and bullying prevention. Currently, Kay provides supervision to counselors in three counties. She is a certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Program trainer and a licensed trainer in Restorative Practices: Circles, Formal Conferencing and Family Engagement and Empowerment.

Tony R. Majors, Ed.D, Executive Officer of Support Services, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is a career educator, having spent his 23 year career serving as a teacher, coach, Principal and now Executive Officer. Dr. Majors manages 14 divisions of the Metro Nashville Public Schools System consisting of over 450 employees; his responsibilities range from school climate and culture, social and emotional learning, student discipline, student health and community engagement. As principal, Dr. Majors was awarded the National Community School of Excellence Award, a GRAMMY Foundation award and Principal of the Year. His national work includes the PASSAGE initiative that focuses on discipline disparities, the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning and the Community Schools Coalition.

Lorraine Stallworth, M.A. is the Restorative Practices Coordinator for the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). She is a licensed trainer in Restorative Practices, Circles, and Formal Conferencing. She was a School Psychologist for several years and opened the first Family Resource Center (FRC) in Nashville, as well as, the first Youth Court for the district. Her community involvements include work with several community-based organizations to bring the Children’s Defense Funds (CDF), “Children’s Sabbath” initiative to Nashville and development of the “Family Supper” initiative recognized by the Department of Education Family Engagement division as a model program. The School Board recognized Lorraine for her work on restorative practices and through the National Public Television “American Graduate Champions” initiative, she was named as a 2015 Champion.

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Wraparound Services, Student Support, PBIS, Resorative Practices, Cluster Support Team, Urban School District

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3-6-2018 1:00 PM

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3-6-2018 2:15 PM


Mar 6th, 1:00 PM Mar 6th, 2:15 PM

Using the Cluster Support Team and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to Provide Wraparound Services in a Large Urban School District

Ballroom F

In this presentation, participants will learn how a large, urban school district utilizes the Cluster Support Team model and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support to provide wraparound services to include school counselors, social workers, behavior analysts, restorative practitioners, and mental health specialists. Participants will receive an overview of support services, and review data from the district.