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Advanced Behavioral Counselors

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Georgia Southern University

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Georgia Southern University

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Georgia Southern University

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Academic Achievement & School Leadership

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Family & Community


This presentation will address academic issues as well as those issues related to family and community. Through effective mentoring academic issues are addressed via homework assistance, trips to school, and library study time, Home and community behavior is addressed via modeling and role play of appropriate social behavior.

Brief Program Description

If you are an educator, a teacher, a student or a community leader you need NOT to miss this presentation. Learn how a group of Georgia Southern students are changing the lives of children at risk in their town, Statesboro, Georgia.


We know that kids living in poverty are 4 times more likely to drop out of school and 5 times more likely to go to jail; let’s change those odds. Georgia Southern University’s The 100 Collegiate Women of America are doing just that. Through mentorship programs in the projects to meaningful relationships with kids at risk in the school, homework to community outings, change is happening in Statesboro. Every Friday these young women travel out to ‘the projects’ to build bonds and create heart-felt relationships with the kids of the community. For C100, this mentorship isn’t something taken lightly or for granted, this a responsibility to themselves and the organization to impact and possibly change the life of a child who idolizes them and gives them hope that there’s more outside of life than where they are now. It is one of many missions for them to be an example and beacon light to the kids and help them strive for greater works. This presentation will share briefly their mission, goals and objectives, though will focus on what it takes to develop an effective mentoring program, how meaningful relationships are developed, how to build partnerships with schools and how to increase academic success with kids at risk.


The supporting research and literature is too numerous to cite, however from ‘Psychology Today’ the results of effective mentoring programs include; a decrease in bullying, an increase in self-confidence and self-image, an increase in grade point averages, less likely to break the law, more likely to resist peer pressure, and more.

Biographical Sketch

Jim Taylor, Ma.Ed., BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Jim is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, He has worked in school systems from the Barbados to Michigan. Over 20 years of experience working with troubled youth in classroom settings, over 150 workshops and presentations on children, mental health, and Behavior Analysis, 15 years working ON THE STREETS with our most behaviorally challenged students, has worked with National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, NAMI, Georgia Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, Georgia Parent Support Network, SAMHSA, CAFÉ/Florida Institute for Families, CARD, Children’s Mental Health Conference – Miami, NYAR and many more,

Briana A. Burney.

From Milledgeville, Ga. Graduated from Baldwin High School. Currently a Senior Biochemistry student at GSU. Involved with C-100 (Previous community service chair, and received an award for mentor of the year). Briana is also a sponsor for the Minority Advisement Program at Georgia Southern. She has also worked with different programs that encourage minority girls to pursue higher education and has also worked with programs that encourage girls who have an interest in STEM to pursue their interests. Briana also spend much of her time volunteering at the Hearts and Hands clinic a health service provider to families 200% below the poverty level.

Kianna M. Reid

Kianna is from Eatonton, GA where she attended Putnam County High School. She is currently a junior majoring in biology at Georgia Southern University. Kianna is a part of the C100 organization where she is the current community service chair and also a part of the National Organization for Negro Women. Kianna is very fond of working with younger kids and also spends a great deal of time working after school with the Boys and Girls Club and going home to volunteer during the summer at the Summer Inspiration Camp in Eatonton, GA….

Derrielle Monet' Brown,

Derrielle is a junior here at Georgia Southern University. Originally from Tallahassee, Florida, and graduated from high school in Bainbridge, Georgia. Derrielle is a Psychology major with a minor in both Spanish and Justice Studies who is pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology. People are her passion, and she looks forward to devoting her time to improving other people's mental health and quality of living. Children are her focus specifically because she believes that in order to see a positive change in the world, you must first start with them.

Keyword Descriptors

Mentoring, Street Kids, Self Confidence, Self Image, Teamwork, Pride

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3-5-2018 1:15 PM

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3-5-2018 4:15 PM

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Mar 5th, 1:15 PM Mar 5th, 4:15 PM

‘Working With Kids At Risk and Making a Difference, On The Street’


If you are an educator, a teacher, a student or a community leader you need NOT to miss this presentation. Learn how a group of Georgia Southern students are changing the lives of children at risk in their town, Statesboro, Georgia.